Kids Activities

Hey Kids! We are so excited to have you come at Giganticon 2023 at Killeen Civic & Conference Center! We have many surprises for the little ones like you! Get ready for all the fun we will have stored for you very soon!!

Join us for this and more fun activities like creating your own comic and your own comic wallet, lego building, and even more surprises to come with Temple Public Library!!!

How about you make your own comic bookmark, comic envelopes and paper and recycled heroes with us and the Killeen Public Library? Sounds awesome, right? We can't wait to see you there to make the coolest crafts!!!

Join us for all of this and more surprises to come with Harker Heights Library, like Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood Crafts, an Archery Challenge, Bookmark making, Preschool Play Area, Coloring with us, Creature Creation and even more surprises that will be taking place for the little ones at Giganticon 2022!! See you there!!!

Join us Giganticon September 3rd & 4th
at Killeen Civic & Conference Center for kids activities in meeting rooms 5 and 6!

Get tickets for your parents and Kids 6-12!
Kids 5 and under are free!!

We got your Six!
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Throw in your favorite costume, come to the show and celebrate all heroes from all walks of life, from those that jump straight out of a comic book to those every day heroes that serve our Country and protect our Freedoms!

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