SilverBack Props

SilverBack Props

Cosplay Artist

SilverBack Props is an acclaimed local artist who is a prop/costume builder from Gatesville, Texas. Aaron has competed and judged in multiple costume contests across Central Texas. Making his cosplay debut in 2018 as Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. Aaron has since challenged himself throughout the years by building bigger and more elaborate props/costumes. He is most known for his Kenobi and Medieval Sub Zero costumes. As well as for his professional commissioned work for his clients, both locally and nationally. SilverBack Props primarily uses EVA foam/worbla for all his work. SilverBack Props prides himself on making movie quality props/costumes that tell a story or reimagining the character to even just creating his own. His main focus is showing the world that anyone can make costumes and bring their favorite character to life, no matter your skill level or experience. Aaron shared that “Cosplay and prop making has no limits or constraints. The level of ingenuity and creativity that this hobby has to offer is unlimited and that’s why love it”. 

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