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Robert Pruitt is a Texas-based cosplayer and founding member of Cosplay Odyssey. His early cosplays included characters such as Edward Blake aka The Comedian, Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I., the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, as well as a few others. He is probably best known to the cosplay community for his re-creations of the Toho Co., Ltd character, Godzilla. In 2014, Robert took his love of Cosplay to a new level with his first Godzilla suit. The suit stood 6 foot 7 in and weighed a meager 20 lbs! He has created multiple Godzilla recreations, with the current suit being his “masterpiece”. The current suit, with well over 500 hours of work and counting, is Robert’s 4th and possibly final re-creation… (but probably not ) . His Godzilla costume re-creations have earned several awards over the years including; Best Re-Creation at San Diego Comic-Con Comic-Con International Alan Campbell Award at San Diego Comic-Con First Place at Tokyo in Tulsa Craftsmanship at Dallas Comic Con Obnoxiously Large Runner-up at Fandom Fest Robert prides himself in being both self-taught and adaptable. He loves to learn and incorporate techniques used by other cosplayers as well as create his own techniques for others to use. His hope with cosplaying is to inspire others to take the leap into character creations and to create growth in the cosplay community.

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