Hiroshi Kanatari

Hiroshi Kanatari

The Kaiju Comic Artist

Hiroshi Kanatani is an accomplished, Kaiju Comic Artist born and raised in Kagawa prefecture on Shikoku Island, Japan. His lauded works have been released in Hong Kong, where he worked with the estate of Bruce Lee, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, and America. His projects have appeared in Shonen Sunday magazine, as Godzilla commissions by Toho Studios, Ultraman and Dinosaur War IZENBORG comics by Tsuburaya Productions, and as manga comic books with P-Production properties: Electroid ZABORGER, Beast Warrior LIONMARU, and HYOMAN the Leopardman. Additional contributions include Famous Monsters of Filmland, San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego Comic Fest, and Pensacon, while his originals have sold out at galleries and conventions across North America. Hiroshi’s original works include the manga series COARAPTOR/ Kaiju of the Wind from Texas and fan favorite IROS. His graphic passion continues to take him to many events as a special guest. Hiroshi Kanatani, an official artist of Tsuburaya and P-Pro is also a respected member of the Japan Manga Association.

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