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Ronin (Jimmy) and CosReza (Rachelle) have been cosplaying together since 2016 and are both from Texas. They started doing comic con guest appearances from 2017-2019 and are ready to come back for more. Both have extraordinary talents that complement each other! Ronin does everything from making costumes, prop making, 3D printing, painting, and has been a judge for children's cosplay contests. CosReza has been known for her modeling, athletics, photography, photo editing skills, and personal soccer training for kids. You can find many of their most popular cosplay photos taken and edited herself. Both also stay active in participating in charities, events and birthday parties to continue to spread the love and happiness! They are truly an invigorating couple cosplay team that enjoy bringing smiles and laughter to the many fans of the superhero universe through portraying various characters of the nerdom realm. Facebook: Instagram:

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