Strangecat Cosplay

Strangecat Cosplay

Cosplay Artist Duo

Strangecat Cosplay consists of two ambitious crafters who have a variety of passions, including cosplay, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons. Carley and Victor have been cosplaying and participating in various competitions since 2012, with several awards under their belt, as well as a few Best In Shows. This duo has expertise in cosplay electronics, prop making, fabric dyeing, and patterning, and they encourage others to explore outside the box when tackling those difficult cosplay problems. They both enjoy designing original cosplays as well, taking on their own interpretations of characters and bringing them to life. When deciding on a new cosplay, they always enjoy a challenge in the art of "how do I make that?" Together, they hope to encourage others to express themselves through the art of cosplay, and have fun doing it!

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